Moisturizer & Acne Prone Skin BY CYDNEY HERNDON

There are many things that can be said about the causes of acne. However, we will save that for another day. Today I want to explain the importance of moisturizer with acne prone skin. I know how acne clients feel generally because we hear it all the time. They HATE moisturizer! Why? Because most acne prone skin is oily, and when they apply moisturizer, they feel like their skin will become oiler.

In my opinion everyone needs a moisturizer! Luckily we have been blessed with MANY types of moisturizers in this world today. Oil free moisturizers may feel so much better on acne prone skin. But you may ask, why do we recommend moisturizer if someone already has oily skin?

When a person has acne, normally their oil production is greater than someone with normal skin type. This can be caused from hormones, genetics, stress and even diet related. So, why would putting more moisture on top of the skin help? By putting a moisturizer on top of your skin, it can trick your oil glands by sending signals to the oil producing glands telling them to slow down on production. So, the less oily the skin, the less break outs, and the greater your skin feels.

Moisturizer is also great because it helps protect the skin from cracks that come with drying. Moisturized skin is harder for bacteria to flourish which makes it less likely for papules or pustules to become inflamed. Without infection and inflammation, redness will be decreased along with pain that can come with certain acne.

We have several different moisturizers here at Swann Dermatology to fit any skin type from Skin Medica and Elta MD . We offer samples so a person can test different types and see which best fits their skin. Idealizing a regimen for your skin requires assessment of your skin type and a good understanding of how topical therapies work. Did we mention that WE KNOW SKIN? We would love to invite you in for a consult to talk about your skin.