Injectable Fillers



Facial lines have long been viewed as the sign of facial aging, but volume restoration has changed the way we treat the face to look younger. For decades a skin excising facelift was the standard procedure for making someone look younger, but without volumization this led to tightly pulled faces that had less lines and did look ‘different’, but not necessarily more beautiful.  There are 8 distinct areas of the face, both deep and more shallow, that facial volume is critical.

Dermatologists began to realize that the facial lines are not generally a result of the skin just stretching out, but of overall volume loss.  Adding overall volume to the deflated areas of the facewould help correct the aging face and maintain a youthful appearance, so we began the use of fat transfers. These work fairly well for some people, but necessitate additional procedures of extracting the fat from another part of the body and then preparing and reinjecting in the face.  Although fat transfer sounds nice because it is replacing fat loss with a patients own fat, only about 50% of the fat injected usually remains longterm and many patients are unhappy after this procedure.


Radiesse is a dermal filler which really does a nice job of volumizing the deep tissues to restore a naturally volumized face and it does have nice longevity.  Dr. Swann reported this filler still microscopically evidentover 5 years after injection.  Although more permanent products, such as Artefill, have been available for many years, permanent solutions using fillers fail over long periods of time because natural volume changes in the face are normal. Well-placed filler should not be in the same locations at age 30 and age 50.

Juvederm Voluma has revolutionized volume restoration in the face with soft natural results that can last up to 2 years.  We all lose volume in the triple-process of collagen loss, fat loss and bone loss. A robust yet natural feeling and natural appearing filler is the perfect instant solution.  Dr. Swann and the injectors all have advanced training in Juvederm Voluma and can help you achieve excellent predictable results.  

Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift is a great way to rejuvenate the face and gain a more youthful appearance. It offers many of the benefits of a traditional facelift without a single incision. Liquid Facelifts restore lost volume, deminish lines and wrinkles, redefine the jawline and cheekbones, and lift sagging brows. The Swann Dermalogy staff customizes each procedure to suit the patient’s particular needs and to target specific areas of concern. 

Some patients require cosmetic fillers to provide volume and to fill in wrinkles, while others may need a heavier use of dermal fillers to significantly contour the facial structure. In addition to fillers, products may be used to relax specific muscles in the face to reduce lines around the brows or mouth. A combination of these treatments may be used to enhance the overall look of the face, specific to the patient’s needs. 

The results obtained by undergoing a Liquid Facelift will vary patient to patient because each treatment is so individualized. It will often depend on which particular products are used. Some products will have immediate results, while others may take a little longer to see a noticable difference. This procedure will give patients a more refreshed, youthful appearance rather than the look of having a procedure done. Patients can get touch-ups over time to maximize results. 

Some of the products used in a Liquid Facelift include JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA, RADIESSE®, BOTOX®, and DYSPORT®.

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